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How can I help?

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I was at lunch the other day with my husband, at a favorite restaurant of ours. Where I was sitting faced the window looking out on a busy street. A man walked by who immediately caught my attention. I live in San Francisco and we have our share of homeless people - I typically avoid them and don't look at them. I have a strong resistance to people living/begging on the streets because it really breaks my heart or I am cynical about their circumstances. Every once in a while I will see someone that really touches me and I respond in some way, but never feeling ok about the situation.

This day, the man I saw was disfigured and looked mentally challenged in some way. My first reaction was to look away, instead I decided to pull energy through him. The man walked back and forth a few times, looking into the restaurant, and then he came in. I just continued to pull energy because I was getting really uncomfortable and nervous. The man just stood in the restaurant staring at me. I didn't want to look at him because I thought he would approach me so I just continued to pull energy. I asked my husband if we should buy him some food, my husband was facing the back of the restaurant and could see that the owner of the restaurant was going to give the man something, so he said to just wait and see what was going to happen. I just kept pulling energy.

The restaurant owner gave the man some money and they both left. I was relieved because I was feeling uncomfortable. The man started to walk back and forth in front of the restaurant and tried to come back in again. The owner moved him along. I continued to pull energy.

A few minutes later I started to cry. Tears just started rolling down my checks and I felt so much sadness. I have never cried about a person on the street before so I was caught off guard. Reflecting on it, I realized that everyone in the restaurant was uncomfortable with the man who walked in off the street, and everyone who ever saw him was uncomfortable and nervous in his presence. Although I was feeling uncomfortable and nervous, by pulling energy through him, I wasn't just seeing all of the things that made everyone uneasy, I was seeing something different in him and giving him some space. No wonder he came into the restaurant and was staring at me!

I don't know if anything changed for him but instead of feeling bad about the encounter I felt like pulling energy through someone I resist is a much better option for me.