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Receiving with Ease

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I wanted to share 2 stories about how awareness and consciousness work for me when I’m out of my head and just receiving.

Over the holidays I was at a department store. There was very few open registers and the ones that were open were open had very long lines and were really cluttered with products that had not been purchased. This department store has been struggling financially and it was apparent that they were not investing in staff for the holiday season. I’m standing on line, and I was getting really annoyed, and I thought why don’t you use your tools, just so the wait on line would be smoother – it’s amusing to me how there are times I completely forget the tools I have in moments when they are most needed!

Once I refreshed my tools and was standing in line, without agitation 😊 I started to receive a lot of information about how they could improve their service and make the customer experience so much easier. I was aware of so much detail and every obstacle that was presented, quickly had a solution. There was so much information flooding into me that I had to stop, because I was receiving too much information that I didn’t need at the time.

My husband and I went to meet a young entrepreneur in the food business. My husband’s background is diverse in business and he had been asked to speak with this young man about his mission and strategy. We were in a large conference center, a lot of people and energy, so I refreshed my tools. As we were sitting talking about this business, I received so much information about different things he could do to sell his product. I have never worked in the food industry, and I don’t know anything about selling food products. Similarly, to the department store, I started to receive so much information about this business.

I shared a couple of ideas, one that piggy backed on a popular food trend today. I could see the young man’s interest in the idea and the wheels started to turn for him. I had to stop receiving information because I didn’t need anymore at the time.

I reflected about these 2 events and what was relevant to me about both was the ease in which the information flowed when I wasn’t trying to do anything. These were great examples of receiving with ease. I know that there are times when I am looking for an answer, it can take more effort and my mind is more involved in the process, so the information doesn’t always flow. The difference is that there are times when I’m more attached to the outcome and I am looking for an answer. If I can not be attached to the outcome, I will receive more information. More to come……